Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hula - Free Modulation Vst Plugin

Hula is a dual phaser that can produce very interesting stereo-effects.

Unlike most stereo-phasers it doesn't pan back & forth, but each channel has it's own phaser. There's also an optional lowpass-filter at the end, to smooth out the highs.

* Toggle switch in the upper right corner selects the stereo-mode: in up position both channels are affected by the first phaser, in down position phaser 1 affects the left channel, phaser 2 the right.
* Max & min frequency-sliders set the boundaries of the allpass filter frequency.

* Vertical slider mixes the dry with the wet signal for each individual channel.
* Master mix crossfades the overall wetness (ph1 + ph 2 + LPF) with the dry.
* Optional lowpass filter (LPF) is hooked up after the two phasers.


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