Thursday, January 5, 2017

Comp4 - Free Compressor Vst Plugin

Plektron Comp4 is a 4-band compressor.

Comp4 can work traditionally or in side-chaining mode, so to boost or suppress specific frequencies. This tool allows you to manipulate the dynamics of sound on individual tracks and / or on the master channel without causing loss of quality due to the parallel compression technique.


Devil's Compressor - Free Compressor Vst Plugin

Devil's Compressor is a classic DRC compressor.

Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold
Gain makeup
Highpass (filter is applied to calculate compression, it does not affect the signal frequencies)


Compressive - Free Compressor Vst Plugin

Compressive consists of two audio compressors written in a combination of C++ and assembly for maximum CPU efficiency.

Compressive Pro is an external side chain vintage analogue modeled RMS compressor. The external side contains a 3-band EQ and mid/side controls to allow complete control of audio dynamics
Compressive Lite uses the same algorithms as Compressive Pro but has a reduced feature for minimum CPU usage


Compressor Box - Free Dynamics Vst Plugin

The Compressor Box is a dynamic processor in a way that it takes the input signal and limits or compresses the input signal dynamic range by limiting its amplitude above a variable threshold value and depending from what is set in the Ratio and Gain controls.

A practical application is to boost soft or weak sounds and to soften loud sounds with plenty of transients. Take for example an electric guitar or bass signal where normally not all the strings have the same output level, by applying some compression the musician or sound engineer could equilibrate the volume balance between the strings and make the overall sound more tight and consistent. Take another example, if you take a sound source of any kind that is subject of producing audio peaks of some sort, (for example a percussive sound with lots of transients) then the compressor if tuned right could smooth out the same audio peaks avoiding undesirable high volume kicks therefore making it more balanced in a mixing or live situation. As you can see there are some practical situations where the use of a compressor is a desirable and a practical option if not a true necessity at all.

The Compressor Box is fully automatable and has the ability to store 64 presets. It ships with a few already pre programmed ones that will show what its all about and may be the starting point to your individual creations.


ROMBO - Free Dynamics Vst Plugin

ROMBO is a Intellidrive Processor.

Captures all the dynamics from your audio material with two separated envelope followers (true stereo), then use them to drive an exclusive, ultrasmooth saturation algorhythm.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

WTComp - compressor vst plugin

WTComp is an analogue tube compressor.
It distinguish itself from a common compressor due to its simple use.

The only thing you have to do is just to set the warm-level (compression) instead of going crazy with dozen of parameters! The internal structure is very advanced, including an intelligent audio-clip system.

Ideal for mastering and single tracks, but most importantly it is FREEWARE.


EezySqueeze - compressor vst

EezySqueeze has made compression even easier.
It is an effective compressor unit that can be added to independent tracks or your master track.
Extremely easy to use compressor plugin.

Controls for Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio and Gain.