Thursday, February 9, 2017

IO Ring Mod - Free Ring Modulation Vst Plugin

IO Ring Mod is a ring modulator.

This effect is driven by a sophosticated GUI envelope. Default time value is in second. Duration is theorically infinite so this enveloppe can run from 1 nanosecond to several minutes, hours...

* Advanced GUI envelope up to 32 stages.
* Loopable or 1 shot.
* Host-Bpm syncable.
* Individual curve-type for each segment.
* High precison editing.


Lizard Morph - Free Pitch Vst Plugin

Lizard Morph an audio plug-in. It is detune and morph effect designed to deliver the powerful, penetrating sounds favored by trance musicians. It's ideal for use in trance, dance, techno, dubstep, electronica, drum n bass, big beat, dub, reggae and all other styles. LFO modulation sections was designed specially for Dubstep genre but can be used in other styles too.


RING_O - Free Ring Modulator Vst Plugin

RING-O is a ringmodulator effect plugin.

Modulation source can be the left and right side of a stereo signalmodulating each other, or a stereo signal modulated by RING-O’s internaloscillator.

The internal oscillator has different wave forms, the pitch can be adjusted manually or by incoming MIDI notes.

RING-O also features a diode ring modulator style setting for less clean sounds and the ability to adjust the modulation mix.


Azurite - Free Modulation Vst Plugin

Azurite is a multi-voice chorus with a focus on rich sounds and versatile controls.

My goal in designing it was to make as flexible a chorus as possible without losing great tones and ease of use. The result is an effect that will be handy for producers, guitarists, and glitch lovers alike.

Unlike most choruses, Azurite allows for multiple simultaneous voices. Each of these voices has its own delay line that is modulated by a separate LFO. Adding multiple voices leads to a thicker, smoother, and less wobbly tone. It also makes vivid stereo spreading possible with a mono signal. The Voices control chooses how many voices the chorus uses: one, two, four, or eight.

*Stereo or mono operation.
* Colour control emulates vintage analog choruses.
*2 band EQ.
*LFO tempo sync.
* Feedback control allows for flanger sounds.
*27 built-in presets.
*Delay time from 0.2ms to 200ms.
*7 LFO shapes: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Ramp, Exponential, Inverse Exponential, and Random.
* Spread control for stereo widening of a mono signal.
*Control randomizer.
*Other controls: Depth, Speed, Wet Mix, Output, Separation, Dry Delay.


Vocovee - Free Vocoder Vst Plugin

Vocovee is the VST 'Effect' version of the VOCOV Vocoder, that has no 'Capture' sidechain plugin but can do low latency vocoding.


Follow: env-follower time of modulator audio. setting high will cause clear speech.
Shift: formant shift.
Mangle: mangle the formant. it will cause special effect.
Intensity: Tone color from Synthetic to Voicetic
EQ Section
6 Bands EQ
Effect Section
Stereo Chorus
TempoSync Delay
Vocoder / Carrier / Voice (modulator) with HPF Carrier and Voice monitor button force through the vocoding. It is useful for checking original signals.

Mix Section

Vocoder / Carrier / Voice modulator) with HPF Carrier and Voice monitor button force through the vocoding. It is useful for checking original signals


TAL-Vocoder - Free Vocoder Vst Plugin

TAL-Vocoder is a vintage vocoder emulation with 11 bands that emulates the sound of vocoders from the early 80’s.

It includes analog modeled components in combination with digital algorithms such as the SFFT (Short-Time Fast Fourier Transform). This vocoder does not make a direct convolution of the carrier and modulation signal as other digital vocoders maybe do. It includes an envelope follower for every of the eleven bands. This vocoder is optimized forvoice processing and includes some algorithms for consonants to make the voice more intelligible. The carrier signal is a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) with a Pulse, Saw, Noise and Sub Osc. But it’salso possible to use the left stereo input as carrier. This way every sound source can be used as carrier signal. This plug-in supports every sample rate.


Kitchen Sync - Free Modulation Vst Plugin

Kitchen Sync is a tempo-sync complex LFO.

It modulates 4 functions: 4 state filter (LP, HP, BP, notch), flanger, volume, panning.

Tempo-sync LFO with multiple waveforms modulated by second LFO and/or ADSR envelope
ADSR envelope can be triggered by any midi note on message
4 effects can be modulated: filter cutoff, flanger, volume, pan
LFO 1 phase, depth and offset can be different for each effect
LFO 2 phase, strength and origin can be different fo each effect
ADSR envelope is independant for each effect
LFO depth can be randomised each cycle
Full midi CC / midi learn