Tuesday, March 28, 2017

easy-iQ-one - Free Equalizer Vst Effect

easy-iQ-one is a vintage 3 band EQ for a warm bold and loud sound, or fine sound design...

3 band EQ (Low-Mid-High).
Gain – Warm Shaper – and warm diffusor module.
Very Low CPU Load.
16 Patches (10 Presets).


Equalizer AQ1 - Free Equalizer Vst Effect

Equalizer AQ1 is a parametric EQ plug-in optimized for low CPU usage whilst maintaining the highest precision in signal processing. The input and output level of the plug-in can be adjusted separately. While with typical digital equalizers one control would be redundant (since the process of filtering is linear), these controls gives you the control about the analogue modelled gain stages.


Equilibre - Free Equalizer Vst Effect

Equilibre uses double precision EQ and oversampling in the critical parts of the filter structure.

This is a very good sounding equalizer with minimal digital artifacts and firm bass and analog shaped curves for that airy nice high frequencies. It has a practical and intuitive GUI. Well suited for mixing and mastering.

High pass filter (2-8 pole).
Low shelf filter (2 pole).
4 peak filters (2 pole).
High shelf filter (2 pole).
Low pass filter (2-8 pole).
Indicator lights on each band
Mute / solo on each band.
Stereo, mid or side processing on each band.
A|B comparison buttons.
Input level knob.
Saturation amount knob.
FFT display with bars or graph.
RMS and peak meters.
Frequency response graph with controllable nodes.
Left click mouse over and under node center to change Q.
Off/On switch.
Ctrl + left mouse click to default knobs.
Shift + left mouse click and drag to get precise knob movement.


Modern Equalizer - Free Equalizer Vst Effect

Modern Equalizer is a classic parametric EQ.

EQ In/Out button
Phase flip In/Out button
High-pass filter control (off, 60, 120, 180, 240, 300, 360 Hz)
Low-freq control (60, 80, 100, 150, 200 Hz)
Low gain control (-18 to +18 dB)
Low Peak/Shelf modes button
Med-freq control (500, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3200 Hz)
Med gain control (-18 to +18 dB)
Med bandwidth control
High-freq control (3000, 6000, 9000, 12000, 16000 Hz)
High gain control (-18 to +18 dB)
High Peak/Shelf modes button
Mix-Ratio control
Output control (-18 to +18 dB)


10 Band Graphic Eq - Free Equalizer Vst Effect

The 10 Band Graphic EQ is a versatile equalization plugin with ten selectable frequency bands for precise adjustment of the audio content within 6 or 12Db range.

Each of the ten frequency bands allows the user to cut or boost specific audio frequencies according to the particular demands of the audio material to work from. The 10 Band Graphic EQ can deal with many sorts of applications, wheter to remove low frequency rumble from overprocessed audio tracks or to restore high or low frequency content from weak audio signals or just to add that little extra that misses in. Were sure that you will find lots of applications and situations where to use that amazingly simple tool.

Furthermore the inclusion of a selectable phase switch adds some extra flexibility to the plugging performance and really contributes to make it a really effective plug-in in terms of versatility and processing power.

The 10 Band Graphic EQ is fully automatable and has the ability to store 64 presets. It ships
with a few already pre programmed ones that will show what its all about.


Amplio - Free Equalizer Vst Effect

Amplio is 3 band equalizer with adjustable bands intended to use for drum loops.

Each band has it's own harmonics exciter, saturation and spatialization enhancer for creating pseudo 3D effect, that also work with mono source. Reverb module can by applied to ONE choosen band. 39 presets to choose. Amplio can be also used as effect/enhancer for instruments if configured correctly. Three presets as example for vocals, flute and strings.


Modern Black Dragon - Free Equalizer Vst Effect

Modern Black Dragon is a classic Pultec EQP-1A Program Equalizer clone.

EQ In/Out button
16 KHz cut In/Out button
Low shelf freq selector (20, 30, 60, 100 CPS)
Low shelf boost control (0 to +16 dB)
Low shelf attenuate control (0 to -20 dB)
High peak freq selector (3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16 KCS)
High peak boost control (0 to +20 dB)
High peak bandwidth control
High shelf attenuate control (0 to -18 dB)
High shelf freq selector (5, 10, 20 KCS)
Trim level control (-15 to +15 dB)